What Makes a Bentwood Ring Better?

The average wooden ring is cut out from either a solid piece of wood, or a laminated "wood sandwich" whereby wood layers are glued together. These types of rings are typically cut out on a lathe or drill press. They can be churned out quickly and sold at low prices. 

Solid-cut rings are the most fragile, as the ring will contain "short grain" and thus be more likely to split at this point. (The exception here is with very dense wood species like Lignum Vitae.)

Laminate-cut rings are composed of multiple layers of wood glued with opposing grain. Although more durable than solid-cut rings they still have a couple of drawbacks:


In both solid-cut and laminate-cut rings, half of the ring will contain end grain. In general, end grain is the least interesting or attractive part of the wood in most species. 


In both solid-cut and laminate-cut rings, MOST of the wood from the block or laminate becomes waste, as it has to be removed to reveal the ring.


 In a bentwood ring, there are no points of short grain. The wood grain is oriented around the circumference of the ring, providing outstanding structural integrity, as well as a beautiful display of the wood grain .

Since the bentwood ring originates from thin strips that are cut to width and bent into a circle, the only waste comes in the form of fine dust when the ring is sanded smooth. Very little wood is wasted

Bentwood rings demand more time in their making than do standard wooden rings. The process is very much a hands-on and meticulous one, and this is reflected in their price. 




Our wooden rings are finished with a waterproof, glossy finish to make sure your rings stand out from the rest. And with free refinishing, you'll never have to experience a dull ring again!

We make rings that are meant to be worn; Not just looked at. 

We get asked about how our wooden rings stand up to water all of the time. And that's understandable. Our lives are filled with water and it's hard to wear a ring you can't get wet.  We realize that's just not practical. Our guarantee to you is a wooden ring that will stand up to water.

The finish will wear down eventually but when it does all you need to do is send your wooden ring back to us and we'll buff it up, refinish it, and send it back looking as good as new. And we don't put a limit on it. We'll keep refinishing your wooden ring for as long as you want to wear it.