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I am a metal and wood craftsman who melds the tradition and craft of the past with contemporary technologies and techniques. My modern-rustic aesthetic blends contemporary design with timeless subjects and materials, creating fashionable and functional works of art of outstanding quality. Drawing from my previous work as a photographer, this work continues my exploration in abstracting the world around me in different ways. From design through fabrication, I refine my shapes and ideas through experimentation and variation, finding the elegant essence of each idea. My minimalist design style, including perfectly placed cut-outs and transparent glass elements, uses the relationship between positive and negative space to explore the forms of each piece and create interplay with their surroundings. Exploring the natural characteristics of raw, reclaimed timbers through cutting, shaping, laser-etching, and other modern techniques, I want to reveal the unique beauty of each piece of wood, preserving these materials from destruction by giving them new life. Glimpses of humor and whimsy show through in my choice of objects and images, adding to the experience of those using or living with my pieces. I am drawn to beautiful things that have purpose. My work seeks to be useful, while enhancing the environment of our everyday life.

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True to our roots, we're proud to say our products are Made in the USA. It's about bringing back the pride felt for products, Pride in our manufacturing capabilities, Pride in our design and ingenuity - and Pride in what our future holds. And we are Proud.
Quality. It's a simple enough concept. It means having a dedication to craftsmanship. A dedication to doing the hard things, to make it right. It starts with and ends with Quality.

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