Handcrafted Bentwood Rings by District 31

June 16, 2015

The wooden ring collection from District 31 melds the rustic spirit of the natural world with the delicate sensibilities that one expects from a jewelry line. Each custom made ring is completely unique and made to order. Bentwood rings are singular works of art, each one bearing the distinct grains and shading of natural wood. Each wood ring takes up to two weeks to cut and bend, though special arrangements can be made for rush orders.

The charm and personality imbued in each bespoke ring cannot be matched by any other jewelry collection. The Women's Light Zebrawood Bentwood Ring with liner is a subtle piece that is surprisingly feminine despite the strong, distinct effect it lends to any outfit. The softly contrasting blonde and tan stripes are neutral earth tones in the purest sense. Its naturalistic vibe makes it a great everyday casual ring. This is the sort of ring that easily becomes a signature piece for everyone who wears it.

Men can wear these eco friendly wood rings as well. The Oak Men's Bentwood Ring with natural crushed blue Lapis stone inlay features a stripe of crushed blue stones set into a ring crafted out of pale wood. This vibrant ring has a fun, surfer quality to it. The aquatic tones of the turquoise stones are the perfect complements for the smooth, sandy wood.

The Mahogany Bentwood Ring with Turquoise inlay is a marvel of craftsmanship. It is elegant and refined enough to be a suitable engagement ring for a quirky, artistic, one-of-a-kind woman. The grains of the dark mahogany wood encircle the band of turquoise stones. The light stones and rich wood are dramatically contrasting tones that look surprisingly natural next to each other.
Each ring is made out of wood that has been painstakingly softened with steam and then gradually bent into a circle. This ancient technique gives the wood rings the weight of tradition and a sense of timelessness. The rings are shaped into perfectly sanded and polished circles for optimal comfort and ease of wear. Due to the methods used to make these rings, resizing is impossible, so it is crucial to have accurate finger measurements taken before placing an order. It is recommended that shoppers go to proper jewelry stores and have their fingers measured by two different employees to ensure that the bespoke rings will fit perfectly. District 31's wood rings are heirlooms in the making, destined to to cherished and worn by generations to come.

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